Sunday, March 22, 2015

Of grandiose dreams and whimsical fantasies

we all dream. and it is definitely okay to dream.
but there's a fine line between dreaming and fantasising. 

dream is a goal that one longs to achieve. it is achievable, but it needs time.
on the other hand, fantasy is an imagination of something that is impossible.

the problem is that people are mixed up with these two.
they seem to have mistaken fantasies as dreams.
they dream big. but they don't do anything about it.
they talk about the importance of having a dream all the time,
about how much they wanted their dreams to come true
yet they're still there, talking about it. 

so i asked:
"how are you going to realise your dreams?"
no answer came.
i don't call these dreams,
i call them fantasies.

they asked.
well, it's not so hard to have it figured out,
isn't it?

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