Sunday, June 29, 2014

You name it

i was swimming. or drowning, i don't really know. in this vast churning ocean, where the waves engulfed me and then sent me up for me to catch my breath again. what do you want? i called out to the sea. what do you want? the sea answered with another giant wave. i want to keep swimming, i answered quietly. for a fleeting moment, i thought everything is going to be quiet for a while, until i was hurled into the depths again. i struggled to open my eyes under the waters, but the currents were too strong. i frantically searched for something to hold on to. i caught something solid, thinking it was a branch or something, and held tightly onto it. when the whirlpool stopped, i saw what i was holding on to - an anchor. i know anchors are supposedly to drag you down but not the one i got. i swam effortlessly to the surface of the ocean and finally catching a breath when my head was above the waters, with the anchor still held tightly to me.

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